50 individual hand made dreadlock extensions locs 100%Human Hair permanent Dreadlock extensions , locs

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100% Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions Handmade Locs are sold in bundles with ten 50 locs per bundle. Please allow 2 month whait time when you buy dreadlocks keep in mind they are handmade.They may arrive sooner we just ask for the extra time . These locs are made with 100% human hair. These dreadlock extensions feel and look like matured, aged, natural grown locs. The locs can be added to existing locs to add length or for repairs on broken locs.Or attached to shorter afro hair. Each loc is handmade by the Hair Tamer and are quite realistic High Quality Dreadlock extensions with over 16 years experience in the dreadlock industry. We started this dreadlock thing I can supply you with my handmade permanent dreadlock extensions , I provide and install dreadlock extensions all over the world We are #1 in the dreadlock industry . In this listing we offer 50 locs in a pack from 8 inches to 20 inches 50 locs per bundle Individual hand made dreadlock extensions . Can be dyed or colored . 100%Human Hair permanent Dreadlock extensions sizes micro, pencil or Marker size Ships world wide Louisiana permanent dreadlock extensions FAQ's How many locs come in one bundle? 50 locs come in one bundle All the locs are sold in bundles. How do I choose the quantity of bundles I would like to purchase? When you select your quantity at checkout, you are selecting the number of bundles you would like. For example: If you select the quantity of 1 you will be placing an order for 1 bundle includes 50 locs. select the quantity of 3 you will be placing an order for 3 bundles includes 150 locs. What are the loc widths in inches? Small Width = 1/8 in Medium Width = 1/4 in Can I install the loc extensions to my existing locs? Yes, the extensions can be added to your existing locs for more length. What different lengths can you make the dreadlock extensions? The dreadlock extensions can be made in different lengths ranging from 3"- 25". I have a short afro, Can the loc extensions be attached to my hair? Yes your afro should be at least 2 to 3 in long. How long does my natural hair have to be to install the loc extensions? The loc extensions can be installed on any hair type. For a proper installation, you need at least 3 inches of new growth. How do you install loc extensions? There are many different methods to installing loc extensions. The best thing to do is to consult with a local loctician who specialize in installing loc extensions. Also, YouTube has some great tutorials on how to install loc extensions. What kind of hair do you use to make the loc extensions with? The locs are made with 100% human hair. Why does it take so long for me to receive my loc extensions? It takes a long time because each loc is made by hand. Only 2-5 locs can be made in one hour. Can I wash and condition the loc extensions? Yes, you can wash and condition the loc extensions. The extensions are made with 100% human hair, therefore the extensions will react to hair product just as your natural hair would. Over time will the loc extensions look and feel real like they did when I first received them? Yes, with proper care, extensions look even better as they age. What makes extensions unique and look and feel identical to real locs, is the fact that they are made by using a specific technique that can only be done by hand. Would I be able to find handmade loc extensions in local beauty supply stores? You cannot find handmade locs at your local beauty supply store. Processing Time All of our dreadlock extensions are handmade, custom ordered. Please allow 1-2 days handling time after payment. Returns & Exchange Due to the nature of the product we sell, we do not offer refunds but we can exchange your product under certain circumstances. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. #dreadheadsmatter #dreadheadshop #dreadlockretwist #dreadheadselfie #dreadheadswagg #dreadheadswag #dreadheadsinbr #dreadheadsavage #dreadheadsonig #dreadheadstyles #dreadlocks #dreadheadsrule #dreadheadsarebetter #dreadheadsofig #dreadheadsdoitbetta #dreadheadshawdye

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